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Citymatiné 2019

Flyer and brand design for the Budapest based party organiser crew Citymatiné, which I'm proudly a part of since the beginning as a designer and DJ as well.

Graphic design

CityMatiné is an open air party series held several times every summer in Budapest, Hungary. It was founded in 2012 by a group of friends and grew to be the largest regular open air party in the capital. Besides electronic music, the event also hosts other media artists and live musicians, thematic programs, food and activities for children and families. 

I've been doing it's identity and design since 2012, and this year I really felt that we had a strong visual product. The logo was redesigned by Peter Magyar "Medoks" (animated by me), which brought a fresh feel to the branding, I also had more time and freedom to develop each creative to my taste due to the fewer events held this summer.